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the pink highlight original blackout poems are made from pre-loved books in which I mark by hand the words I want  to keep in pink and black out the rest.  I create these at home in Amsterdam or when I’m travelling. The postcards are printed copies with unique manual pink highlights: each piece therefore contains a sprinkle of my personal magic ✨. 

● A5 size (14,8x21cm) printed on 350grms recycled paper with hand marked pink highlights 
● with a glassine envelope from biodegradable pure pine cellulose (100% paper)
● in a biodegradable display bag
● shipped in a cardboard envelope

be someone's highlight 

At no extra cost, I'll send the card of your choice to any address in the Netherlands if you'd like to be someone's highlight today. 
When checking out, just mention the send-to-address and the text you'd like me to write on the back of the postcard of your choice.